Colombia's clean power share drops to 80.75% in Feb

Mar 20, 2023 07:22 PM ET
  • The clean power share in Colombia's power manufacturing was up to 80.75% in February from 85.98% the month previously, as the country's complete hydroelectric output come by 4.77%, according to the current figures launched by national grid operator XM Compania de Expertos en Mercados.
Colombia's clean power share drops to 80.75% in Feb
Image: Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure on LinkedIn

The valuable volume of Colombia's water dams declined to 59.5% in February, while hydro inflows were 6.9% below the historical month-to-month average. The decrease is normal for the present summer period, and also there is no threat that the system will fail to meet the demand, claimed Jaime Alejandro Zapata Uribe, supervisor of XM's national dispatch centre.

Colombia's system created 6,174.75 GWh of power in February. This volume equated into 220.53 GWh created each day generally, up by 2.14% month-on-month. Renewables and various other clean resources made up 178.06 GWh/day usually, down by 4.08% contrasted to January as a result of a lower hydro power output.

In the absence of hydro, daily standard non-renewable power generation rose by 40.3% month-on-month and also the share of wind as well as solar increased contrasted to January.

Even more details exist in the table below:

Source: Daily average production (in GWh/day): month-on-month change: Share in February:
Bagasse biomass 2.899 28.43% 1.63%
Biogas 0.013 0.24% 0.01%
HPPs with reservoir 157.308 -1.94% 88.34%
Wind 0.722 15.44% 0.41%
Run-of-river hydro 14.696 -27.27% 8.25%
Solar PV 2.429 14.27% 1.36%

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