China to create a satellite-based solar power solution by 2035

Dec 2, 2019 01:08 PM ET
  • China is going to complete a 200-tonne megawatt-scale satellite-based solar power project by 2035.

The plant is meant to harvest solar energy, which never reaches the Earth. The sun’s energy will be turned into microwaves, after which transmitted to consumers.

In contrast to conventional fossil fuel, this form of energy is more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly. It is expected to supply power to hard-to-reach locations, areas damaged by disasters, as well as space satellites. 

The idea of gathering energy from the sun in space was introduced in 1941 in science fiction. 27 years later, an official offer to implement a space-based solar project was suggested by a US aerospace engineer Peter Glaser. 



Over the latest eleven years, China has offered quite a few solutions for solar power collection and wireless transmission of energy within the framework of its space solar energy program. 

But the idea has been quite challenging for modern technologies, since it requires installing lots of PV panels as well as effective wireless transmission of huge amounts of energy. 

The $28.4m investment has enabled China to create a testing base in Bishan, in the southwestern part of the country. The research facility will be used to study the ways to wirelessly transmit large amounts of energy and its potential environmental effects. 



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