Chile to Dual its Energy Storage Capacity Along With AES

Nov 11, 2021 11:02 AM ET
  • The partnership is expected to enable Chile to store as well as deliver up to 1,563 MWh daily of energy to the system.
  • This indicates preventing greater than 200,000 tons of CO2 discharges each year, the equivalent of getting rid of more than 80,000 personal vehicles from the streets of Chile.

In line with the goal of accomplishing carbon nonpartisanship, Chile and AES have actually signed up with forces to increase the country's energy change by enhancing their battery-based energy storage capacity, Santiago-based AES Andes announced lately.

Within the framework of the company's participation in the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference-- known as COP26-- which takes place in Glasgow, the Chilean Minister of Mining and also Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet, along with the Executive Vice President and also Global Leader of Operations and Infrastructure, Bernerd Da Santos, revealed a growth prepare for this energy storage innovation, including 188 MW to those incomplete to reach more than 300 MW by 2023.

This is expected to allow the country to shop and deliver up to 1,563 MWh per day of energy to the system, which means avoiding greater than 200,000 tons of CO2 discharges each year, the matching of removing greater than 80,000 private vehicles from the streets of Chile.

The news belongs to the worldwide application of this technology by AES as a basic pillar for the assimilation of renewables as well as the decarbonization of the energy market, mentioned the company.

The biminister of Energy and also Mining, Juan Carlos Jobet, explained that "in this COP26 we have resolved the urgency to make the goals we have as a planet a fact. And also for Chile, this announcement is a fantastic action, given that it is in complete harmony with what we have suggested in our National Energy Policy so that by 2030 we will have at least 2,000 MW in storage systems. Due to the fact that, allow's be clear, confronted with the expanding need for flexibility in the electric system, we require batteries, or liquid air systems, and all types of storage modern technologies to incorporate sustainable sources and make sure that tidy energy is available. at any moment as well as for all homes in Chile. "

On The Other Hand, Bernerd Da Santos, highlighted that "AES has been a pioneer on the planet in the installation of storage systems with batteries, bringing the very first of its kind to Chile in 2009."

Da Santos highlighted that "the development of this sort of modern technology is important, however joint work between the general public and private sectors is also a fundamental pillar to produce a favorable influence with innovation and collaboration and breakthrough in responsible energy shifts and also make the countries' sustainable economic reactivation fact, while they achieve their decarbonization goals."

For his part, Ricardo Falú, Chief Executive Officer of AES Andes, suggested that this announcement represents a financial investment of greater than United States $ 400 million for Chile in battery systems integrated into renewable initiatives, which indicates the creation of around 900 tasks as well as adds to energize the efficient activity of the communities near these projects.

"With innovative as well as affordable energy solutions such as batteries, the country will certainly have around 25 times its energy storage capacity with lithium batteries by 2023. This will allow displacing thermal generation in hours of lower renewable availability, contributing to the decarbonization of the electrical energy matrix and also the efficient markets of Chile," he claimed.

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