Centrica Buys Old Gas Plant to Turn It Into Green Energy Site

Jan 24, 2023 01:42 PM ET
  • Centrica Plc, the UK's greatest house energy distributor, prepares to turn an idled gas-fired power plant into a renewables hub in a press to move away from fossil fuels.

The business has actually acquired the former Knapton plant in northern England, where generation ended in 2019, to create a 28-megawatt battery on the site, it said Tuesday. It's additionally researching possible hydrogen and solar energy production in the bordering area as part of the "multimillion-pound offer," it claimed.

Centrica, the parent company of British Gas and long-associated with the fossil fuel, is rushing to overtake Europe's top utilities in increasing its renewables business as the energy change increases. It's targeting a 900-megawatt portfolio of solar as well as battery assets by 2026.

The prepared battery at Knapton will certainly have the ability to power around 14,000 homes for 2 hrs, the business stated in a declaration. The former owner of the plant, Third Energy, will certainly maintain the 12 well sites that used to generate gas, as well as the involved pipeline network.



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