CEL ready to commission 44MW solar generation in Maharashtra

Dec 21, 2019 03:49 PM ET
  • A tender for the commissioning of 44MW solar power generating projects is out. While issuing the tender, the Central Electronics Limited said that the systems will generate between 250kw -10MW at different locations in Maharashtra.
CEL ready to commission 44MW solar generation in Maharashtra
Image: saurenergy.com

CEL will establish solar power generating systems (SPGS) that will produce between 250kw to 10 MW of power in different substations of the Maharashtra area. 

Under the arrangement, CEL will establish small solar power plants in several places with a capacity of between 0.25-10 MW. The units will be placed on unused lands or existing substations belonging to Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company. 

The lucky developers who will win the tender will be expected to design, do the engineering work and erect the stations. They will also be required to supply the required material, test and commission the completed solar energy plants. They will be expected to complete the work in ninety days from the day the letter will be issued. Also, the developer will be required to provide maintenance services after they commission the plant. They will continue to offer the services for about ten years. 

Any site that will generate more than 2 MW will need to be designed, installed, supplied and invoiced as if they are developing a unit that will generate not more than 2 MW. CEL has disclosed that it will supply solar PV modules rated at least 310 W. These units will be supplied at the site stores that the bidder will provide. 

The receipt of the bids is ongoing with December 30, 2019, being the last date. The opening of the techno-commercial bids is expected to take place on 30th December 2019. Meanwhile, a meeting will be held on 23, 2019 to address concerns raised by bidders. Meanwhile, all the bidders will  be expected to deposit Rs 10 lakh as they submit their bids. 

Eligibility in the bidding process requires experience in designing, installing, testing, supplying and commissioning at least a cumulative 4MW plant for any PSU or government department in the last three years. It must also include the development of one power plant of at least 250kW capacity. 



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