CEEW Research Flags Concentration Of Clean Energy Manufacturing As Global Risk

Apr 4, 2023 11:39 AM ET
  • 2 government-commissioned researches by CEEW claimed a few selected countries' global clean energy market supremacies.
  • The study batted for an affordable and also cut off supply of crucial renewable resource technologies worldwide.

2 studies conducted by the researchers at the Council on Energy, Environment as well as Water (CEEW) have batted for a disrupted and also affordable supply of vital clean energy technologies around the world. The report said this was needed for attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and also for a risk-free energy transition in the direction of renewable energy.

The Indian government commissioned the study to CEEW to inform the G20 Energy Transition Working Group (ETWG) negotiations. The G20 Global Summit is slated to happen this year in India under the presidency of India.

The CEEW report asserted that the entire range of preferred renewable resource solutions-solar, wind, battery storage, and also environment-friendly hydrogen is focused just in very few picked countries. For instance, it claimed that around 70 percent of the global exports of solar PV were constrained to just four countries. In a similar way, just four countries made up greater than 80 percent of the overall exports in the last decade for wind energy.

The report claimed these renewable resource resources depend very on the much-needed manufacturing, logistics, and facilities assistance. It is in addition to certain critical minerals, products, and also technologies. The report claimed that while the expense of manufacturing has boiled down substantially in the past few years, the pattern of exports has followed a various suit. The report batted for global cooperations on innovation sharing and also other fronts for a sustainable global energy transition towards renewables.

"The rapid adoption of RE will certainly not just assist decarbonize the electricity systems yet likewise aid understand the wanted influences of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). However, a speedy as well as risk-proof transition to RE will just be possible if countries can protect accessibility to undisturbed and also affordable supply chains of key innovations," the report said.

The CEEW report suggested ensuring a comprehensive tracking of the global manufacturing of clean energy capacity and also sharing trade flow data, as well as committed financing for the manufacturing market via several development banks. The report also talked about co-developing modern technologies and also technologies. This, the report claimed, is possible by sharing the most effective practices on public procurement and boosting collaborations between technology-development labs worldwide.

An additional report by the CEEW on critical minerals additionally spoke about the concentration of certain critical minerals like Lithium, Cobalt, and also others in chosen nations. These are generally made use of in Lithium-ion batteries, electrical vehicles, energy storage systems, and others. Therefore, this report advised creating a shared vision of these critical elements for increasing the supply.

"We advise certain action points to raise mineral supply. First, there is an urgent requirement to institutionalise routine assessments of the important mineral value chain. The G20 should additionally sustain investments in establishing new expedition and mining modern technologies. Finally, the group has to check out the creation of a calculated stockpile of vital minerals," the report claimed.

The report additionally advised increasing worldwide mineral security by lowering dependency on these elements as well as also advertising re-use.

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