Canberra project REVS up Australia's vehicle-to-grid readiness

Jul 8, 2020 03:05 PM ET
  • The Australian Renewable Energy Agency is putting US$ 1.66 million into a vehicle-to-grid test to show how electrical automobiles can provide grid supplementary services. The REVS research study and also market consortium wishes to show how EVs can create income for fleet owners.
Canberra project REVS up Australia's vehicle-to-grid readiness
Image: Nissan

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is backing a test that will see 51 Nissan Leaf autos offer frequency law services to the National Electricity Market in the Australian Capital Territory. The project has been aptly named REVS-- Realizing Electric Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Services.

ARENA claims the Canberra project will certainly be among the world's largest and also has created V2G pilot programs consisting of a 2018 project in Germany which additionally involved Nissan Leafs. The exact same year saw a 3 MW/2.8 MWh power storage project based on second-life Leaf batteries released in the Netherlands, at Amsterdam's Johan Cruijff Arena.

In addition to showing how EV batteries can provide secondary balancing services to the grid, the REVS project might likewise show how the proprietors of electric lorry fleets can use their assets to generate earnings while fixed.

An energy storage space testimonial performed by regulator the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) in 2015 led to the establishment of a Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) market as part of grid and also wholesale market driver the National Electricity Market (NEM). The performance of frequency solutions provided by batteries has been dramatically by Neoen's Hornsdale Power Reserve since then, with the energy scale system catching significant FCAS market share and also profits.

The Australian National University will utilize information created by the REVS project to inform a national roadmap for the commercialization of V2G applications. EV charging firm JET Charge, Australian Capital Territory (ACT)- based energy business Evoenergy, fleet monitoring company SG Fleet, the ACT federal government as well as Nissan are among the companion companies involved in growth of the V2G strategy. Canberra utility ActewAGL is likewise a participant, with the energy's lead on the project, Todd Eagles, explaining the events as a "powerful cumulative of stakeholders bought sustaining the uptake of renewables via vehicle-to-grid abilities."

Of certain passion is the method which FCAS incomes could speed up the replacement of gasoline engine fleets with EVs. The project individuals anticipate the 51-Leaf fleet will have grid availability of 70% from the fixed EVs. The Leafs will certainly change petrol-powered ACT cars and trucks.

"Given its potential ability to supply comparable solutions as household batteries, V2G has the possibility to transform a lorry right into a revenue producing device for consumers, through accessibility to energy and also network solution markets and additionally to provide power solutions for the grid," stated ARENA chief executive Darren Miller.

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