Canadian Solar including 3GW of module ability in 2020 in spite of absence of need

Mar 26, 2020 02:48 PM ET
  • Solar Module Super League (SMSL) participant, Canadian Solar strategies to boost module setting up capability by 3GW in 2020, providing the firm a complete nameplate ability of 16GW, while deliveries were directed in between a variety of 10GW to 12GW for the year.
Canadian Solar including 3GW of module ability in 2020 in spite of absence of need
Image: Canadian Solar

The SMSL, understood for quarter-on-quarter ability tweaking, included around 820MW of worldwide module setting up ability in 2019 that was above previous assistance. Therefore, module setting up ability in 2019 got to about 13GW.

Canadian Solar likewise finished 2019 with 9.6 GW of solar cell capability, a 300MW uptick from previous assistance of 9.3 GW of ability prepared for year end. The business prepares to include 500MW of solar battery capability in 2020, taking nameplate ability to 10.1 GW.

Wafer capability growths have actually not gotten on the cards considering that 2018 therefore the current support is no brand-new wafer capability growths in 2020, leaving capability at 5GW.

Nevertheless, the SMSL included 200MW of ingot manufacturing in 2019, taking capability to 1,650 MW, while prepare for 2020 are to increase a little to 2,350 MW. The firm did not highlight whether the ingot manufacturing developments associated with cast-mono (multi), p-type mono or n-type mono manufacturing.

The firm seldom information capability growths on a geographical basis however has significant production procedures in China and also a lot smaller sized procedures in South East Asia, too a OEM acquired manufacturing in Vietnam and also Brazil.

Canadian Solar did not supply any kind of description regarding why the module setting up capability developments were needed in 2020, considered that module setting up ability in 2019 got to roughly 13GW as well as able to fulfill the premium of delivery support for 2020 of 12GW.

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