Canadian port plans renewables hub

Jun 2, 2022 06:11 PM ET
  • Port of Argentia to create wind and also green hydrogen projects with Pattern Energy Group
Canadian port plans renewables hub
Image: Port of Argentia

Canada's Port of Argentia (pictured) has signed an option to lease arrangement with Pattern Energy Group to progress the development of a substantial multi-phase renewable resource project at the Newfoundland harbour.

The growth will certainly include a wind energy project and green hydrogen as well as acquired renewable fuels manufacturing and also export facility.

Pattern Energy is among the biggest manufacturers of wind energy in Canada and also operates a project fleet of over 6GW of renewable resource around the world.

Through the arrangement, Pattern Energy will establish the commercial expediency of wind energy and also green hydrogen manufacturing at the Port.

It will certainly likewise carry out advancement tasks for the building and construction of wind turbines, a hydrogen electrolysis plant as well as storage facility, and also associated green fuels facilities on Port lands.

Collaborating with strategic supply chain partners, the project aims to export green fuels, consisting of carbon-free green ammonia, to international markets.

Port chief executive Scott Penney stated: "The Port bases on the cutting side of the change to renewable energy and also this project will lay the structure for future advancement of Argentia as a green port.

" From a business growth point ofview, this job will create considerable capital expense on site and the creation of lots of brand-new jobs in servicing production framework and also plant operations.

" This development at Argentia aligns with both provincial and federal campaigns within no emissions by 2050."

Pattern Energy Canada nation head Frank Davis said: "We are excited to work with Port of Argentia to aid open the enormous potential for renewable resource exports in Newfoundland and also Labrador.

" In the coming years, worldwide demand for low-carbon green fuels will be significant, as countries look for means to reduced carbon emissions and also change national energy systems far from nonrenewable fuel sources.

" The province of Newfoundland and also Labrador has the prospective to emerge as a significant competitive vendor of green fuels created from affordable wind energy, especially to European markets."

Port chairperson Wayne Power added: "Argentia has actually been on the global map as a key tactical place in between European and North American markets for years.

" This development enhances the claim that our Port can efficiently support significant projects for export around the world, and in doing so improve the financial growth of the Placentia area as well as the entire Province."

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