Canada seeks disagreement settlement over 'baseless' United States solar trade tariffs

Jun 22, 2021 07:06 AM ET
  • Canada has requested a dispute negotiation panel relating to US protect tariffs on solar products from Canada after stopping working to settle the problem via examinations.
Canada seeks disagreement settlement over 'baseless' United States solar trade tariffs
Image: Q Cells

The request was made under Chapter 31 of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) on 22 December 2020. Under CUSMA durations, the panel would certainly be expected to provide a report on the topic by early 2022.

Considering that the tariffs of 18% were imposed in early 2018, Canadian exports of solar items to the US have plummeted by 82%.

"These tariffs are unwarranted as well as damaging to the international competitiveness of our long-established, protected, and also deeply integrated supply chains," said Mary Ng, Canadian preacher of small business, export promotion and worldwide trade.

"Canada as well as the United States share a long-lasting mutually helpful partnership, as well as our recurring partnership will certainly contribute to a strong, lasting healing, and also advantage workers and organizations on both sides of the border," she added.

United States tariffs were put on crystalline silicon solar batteries produced in Canada, whether totally put together right into other items or not. The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) first set 30% tariffs in Might 2017, with rates gradually minimizing to the 18% today.

The USITC's original report to US authorities in 2017 stated Canadian imports were not considerable and also did not create serious harm to United States passions. Nonetheless, the Trump management imposed the tariffs, leading to lawsuit taken by Canadian solar makers.

Much more recently, the Solar Energies Industries (SEIA) asked head of state Biden to remove the tariffs as one of 6 key power plan concerns for the new administration.

SEIA said that tariffs of solar products suggested the expense of panels in the US is approximately 50% greater than the worldwide standard.

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