BYD gives 75-MW energy storage space system to Mustang solar project

Nov 26, 2020 12:11 PM ET
  • BYD "Build Your Dreams" announced it will partner with Canadian Solar to offer innovative battery technology for the 100-MWAC Mustang solar plant in Kings County, California.
BYD gives 75-MW energy storage space system to Mustang solar project

The 75-MW or 4-hour 300 MWh energy storage space system is a retrofit addition to the Mustang solar plant, which was initially created by Canadian Solar's completely had subsidiary Recurrent Energy. The solar plant attached to the grid in August 2016 and the project's equity risk was marketed to Goldman Sachs in May 2019, the present proprietor of the project.

" We are delighted to companion with Canadian Solar on this remedy. We are really proud to be able to supply reputable and safe BYD modern technology to the Mustang project," claimed BYD North America president Stella Li. "We will certainly supply the lithium-ion battery storage option to Canadian Solar, who serves as the full system integrator of the storage retrofit."

By pairing solar PV with innovative battery modern technology, Canadian Solar assists its customers to produce as well as store solar energy throughout the day for use in the evening. This method permits California's power grid to soak up and integrate higher degrees of reputable, safe and also cost effective renewable energy while contributing to the state's climate reduction initiatives.

" We are pleased to begin supplying this massive solar + energy storage space project which will be fully created and also integrated by Canadian Solar with our exclusive battery innovation. The fostering and also integration of BYD's batteries will improve the use of solar power and also meaningfully expand our worldwide addressable market in the solar sector."

For the Mustang project, BYD will use Cube Pro, the latest generation energy storage remedy designed for larger utility-scale projects. At 2.5 MWh per unit, the Cube Pro has a brand-new liquid-cool battery system in the room, with a power thickness rise of 80% contrasted to the previous generation that utilized customized shipping containers as the unit.

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