Brazil's set up solar PV capacity at 25 GW in Feb

Feb 13, 2023 10:54 AM ET
  • Brazil got to 25 GW of set up solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity in February, or 76% more than a year earlier, the field association Absolar claimed.
Brazil's set up solar PV capacity at 25 GW in Feb

Because July 2022, the capacity had been expanding at a price of 1 GW per month usually. The set up solar currently represents 11% of Brazil's total power mix, the association claimed.

Brazil separates its solar energy facilities right into 2 major categories-- self-generation as well as large-scale parks. Self-generation systems, mounted on rooftops, facades and tiny stories of land, represented around 17.2 GW of the total mounted by February.

The continuing to be 7.8 GW are large-scale solar plants.

Absolar included that solar installments have actually brought in financial investments of BRL 125.3 billion (USD 23.8 bn/EUR 22.3 bn) and developed greater than 750,200 regional jobs because 2012.

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