Brazil's Ceara agrees renewables partnerships with Chinese firms

Apr 17, 2023 03:31 PM ET
  • The Brazilian state of Ceara introduced on Friday that throughout a visit to China, governor Elmano de Freitas has signed a few manage local firms for solar, on- and -offshore wind as well as green and also blue hydrogen projects and campaigns.
Brazil's Ceara agrees renewables partnerships with Chinese firms
Image: Ceara state

The initial agreement is with Mingyang Smart Energy Group (SHA:601615), or Ming Yang, and also describes the investment and also implementation of the Centre for Technology and also Repair of Wind Generators. Much more specifically, the document entails the execution of an offshore wind energy pilot plant, in addition to the production of ammonia as well as green hydrogen in the state.

The 2nd contract is with China's State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) as well as outlines carrying out expediency research studies for renewable resource projects such as solar as well as on- and -offshore wind projects. The paper also covers blue and also green hydrogen, in addition to gas within Ceara's Pecem Port.

A third agreement was authorized with the Gansu Science & Technology Investment group to encourage collaboration as well as coordinated development between both parties.

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