Brazil Surpasses 38 GW Solar Capacity Milestone

Feb 20, 2024 12:51 PM ET
  • Brazil shines bright with over 38 GW of solar power, leading the way in clean energy and job creation. A sustainable future is within reach.

Brazil has exceeded 38 GW of installed solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity, with solar power now accounting for 16.8% of the country's total power mix. The market has installed 26.3 GW across distributed generation (DG) systems, making solar the top choice for self-consumption systems in Brazil. Large-scale solar power plants are responsible for the remaining 11.7 GW of installed capacity.

Since 2012, the rollout of solar energy in Brazil has attracted investments of BRL 184.3 billion (USD 37.1bn/EUR 34.5bn), creating around 1.1 million local jobs and offsetting 46.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during electricity generation. This milestone marks a significant achievement for Brazil's solar energy sector.

How has Brazil's solar industry achieved 38 GW of installed capacity?

  • Brazil's solar industry has benefited from supportive government policies and incentives, such as tax breaks, net metering, and auctions for large-scale solar projects.
  • The decreasing cost of solar technology and equipment has made solar energy more affordable and attractive for consumers and investors in Brazil.
  • The country's abundant sunlight and vast land availability have made it an ideal location for solar power generation, especially in regions with high solar irradiation levels.
  • The growing awareness of climate change and the need to transition to clean and renewable energy sources has also driven the expansion of the solar industry in Brazil.
  • Collaboration between government, industry stakeholders, and international partners has helped to promote the development and growth of the solar energy sector in Brazil.

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