Brandenburg aims to quadruple solar capacity by 2030

Aug 26, 2022 11:58 AM ET
  • The German state of Brandenburg seeks to quadruple its solar capacity to 18 GW by 2030 as part of its energy strategy that envisages switching to 100% renewable power generation by the end of this decade.
Brandenburg aims to quadruple solar capacity by 2030
Image: Gasag

The Energy Strategy 2040, which was adopted by the state cabinet on Wednesday, is created to ensure a trusted and affordable energy supply in Brandenburg which aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2030 as compared with 1990 and also reach climate neutrality by 2045 at the current.

With 4.5 GW of solar capacity in operation last year, the state currently requires to set up photovoltaic panels on large hall roofing systems, in particular, to reach its target, according to the state's energy preacher Joerg Steinbach. Or else, there will be enhancing competition to make use of agricultural land for the generation of solar power.

By 2040, the planetary systems in operation across Brandenburg must have gotten to 33 GW.

Like solar, wind power plays additionally a major role in the energy strategy as the state aims to double the installed wind capacity to 15 GW by 2040 from 7.6 GW in 2021 and also make available a minimum of 2.2% of its territory for wind turbines by 2032.

An essential component in the prepare for the energy change is the development of a hydrogen economic situation which was launched with the hydrogen strategy last year.

The state is readied to start work on steps to ensure that the enthusiastic objectives are reached. The measures will be presented in the Climate Plant that will certainly be unveiled in the springtime of 2023.

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