Bloom Energy, Heliogen companion on eco-friendly hydrogen production

Jul 26, 2021 02:43 PM ET
  • Heliogen and Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE) will certainly partner to generate green hydrogen from water as well as focused solar energy, the California-based firms said last week.

The collaboration will certainly pair power and also heavy steam, offered on an almost 24/7 basis by Heliogen's Sunlight Refinery system, with Bloom Energy's strong oxide electrolyser. The companies intend is to release their first integrated solution at Heliogen's facility in Lancaster, California by the year end. The eco-friendly hydrogen is aimed to replace nonrenewable fuel sources in business as well as commercial applications.

According to the announcement, the technologies are complementary and permit economically viable manufacturing of eco-friendly hydrogen, on the same level with hydrogen generated from solar (PV) solar generation.

Bloom Energy's electrolysers running on heavy steam are claimed to be virtually 30% extra effective than low-temperature electrolysers like polymer electrolyte membrane layer (PEM) and also alkaline.

" By combining our technology with Bloom Energy's electrolysers, we can create this crucially essential fuel at an appealing cost point," said Heliogen owner and president Bill Gross.

Heliogen has developed an expert system (AI)- allowed concentrated solar technology. Previously this month, it announced it would certainly go public through a merger with special purpose acquisition firm (SPAC) Athena Technology Acquisition Corp

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