BIPV solar modules with differing openness

May 19, 2020 07:07 PM ET
  • German panel manufacturer Sonnenstromfabrik has actually established a glass-glass monocrystalline PV module in 3 variations supplying various degrees of openness. The firm claims the openness attribute makes the panels ideal for outdoor patios, pergolas, awnings, carports, swimming exteriors, halls and also swimming pools. Their power result differs from 160 W to 280 W, while their performance varies from 9.5% to 16.7%.
BIPV solar modules with differing openness
Image: Sonnenstromfabrik

German solar module producer Sonnenstromfabrik has actually established a building-integrated PV module that can be maximized for high openness.

The glass-glass monocrystalline modules, which Sonnenstromfabrik is offering under its Brilliant brand name, are offered in 3 variations with various degrees of openness. The variations consist of a 32-cell panel with 51% openness, a 48-cell item with 27% openness, and also a 54-cell variation with the clear component covering simply 19% of the panel's complete surface.

The modules are covered with 2 x 2 mm antireflective float glass as well as their power outcome varieties from 160 W to 280 W. Their effectiveness degrees additionally differ, from a minimum of 9.5% for the 160 W 32-cell panel with a structure to an optimum of 16.7% for the 280 W, 54-cell frameless modules.

The mounted variation procedures 1,700 x 1,000 x 35 mm as well as considers 22.5 kg, while the measurements of the frameless item are 1,693 x 993 x 4.5 mm, weighing in at 20.5 kg.

" By differing the cell plan, Sonnenstromfabrik has actually created PV modules that are suitable for offering color," the supplier informed pv magazine. "This is feasible since Sonnenstromfabrik's manufacturing centers permit flexible cell spacing as well as therefore the variety of cells per cell row or the variety of cell rows per module can be differed."

The firm asserts that openness makes the panels appropriate for terraces, pergolas, awnings, carports, swimming exteriors, halls and also swimming pools. "Depending on the setup, the Brilliant PV modules from Sonnenstromfabrik offer color and also create power," it mentioned.

The business stated it thinks the modules can likewise be utilized at filling station, where roofs are typically made from trapezoidal sheets that can quickly be changed by its glass/glass modules.

It stated that the module collection additionally supplies a cost-effective means to remodel roofs. "With an optimum tons of 800 kg per square meter, they are additionally extra secure than roof covering floor tiles," the firm stated. "Thanks to an unique installing system, the transparent, ammonia-resistant glass/glass modules are additionally ideal for roofings of commercial halls or stables. An unique system makes sure the drain of condensation water."

Beginning this summer season, Sonnenstromfabrik intends to outfit the panels with bigger mono PERC cells in the 158.75 x 158.75 mm layout. That indicates that their power outcome will certainly range 170 W and also 290 W.

All of the modules in the brand-new collection attribute 30-year assurances.

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