Big Win For Sungrow In Brazil With 580 MW Solutions for Voltalia

Dec 6, 2022 12:19 PM ET
  • Sungrow, the international market leader in the supply of photovoltaic inverters, is providing the PV inverters for the Serra do Mel 1 & 2 Photovoltaic Complex, owned by French power major Voltalia, with operations in 20 nations. The Brazilian project is located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. The photovoltaic or pv plants found in Rio Grande do Norte become part of the business's biggest cluster worldwide.

The region (Serra Branca Cluster) has more than 800 MW in operation and also building and construction in wind power plants and has the potential to reach up to 2.4 GW with the inclusion of the solar source, making it one of the biggest hybrid complexes worldwide.

Sungrow supplied 70 SG3125HV central inverters, focused on large photovoltaic nuclear power plant as well as suitable for use with bifacial modules. The SG3125HV has a level C5 corrosion degree and also IP65 protection, making it the most effective remedy on the market for solar plants close to the sea. The SG3125HV has a power of 3437 kW in a 1500 V service and has communication boxes that allow remote control and also automation of the entire generation system.

As an expansion strategy, Voltalia has currently begun the building of Solar Serra do Mel 3 to 6 likewise constructed with strategies to use SUngrow provided inverters. 608 SG350HX inverters will certainly be supplied. In terms of power, Sungrow claims that the SG350HX is the globe's biggest multi-MPPT string inverter and also features C5 anti-corrosion quality, advanced thermal design, anti-PID service and also PLC communication. The SG350HX can be set up in 2 variations: with 12 MPPTS as well as with 16 MPPTs, allowing the use of the inverter both with photovoltaic or pv modules with 182mm cells and with 210mm cells. Together these plants will certainly add up to 260 MW of installed capacity, raising the operating capacity of the hybrid complex to 80%.

The success in Brazil mark Sungrow's emergence as a global leader, in a year when it has actually overtaken erstwhile leader Huawei comprehensively in an increasing number of worldwide markets.

Voltalia, after developing its big clusters in Brazil at Serra Branca (possibility of 2.4 gigawatts, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte) and also Canudos (capacity of more than 1 gigawatt, in the state of Bahia), is likewise developing Arinos, a new solar cluster with a potential of more than 1.5 gigawatts, this time around situated in the southeast of the country.

It has a substantial presence in Brazil with wind, solar, hydro and hybrid projects in multiple locations: the SMG wind farm in the state of Rio Grande do Norte (108 megawatts, in operation); the Oiapoque hybrid projects in the state of Amapá (23.5 megawatts, of which 7. 5 megawatts under construction); the Cabui hydroelectric project in the state of Minas Gerais (16 megawatts, contract secured in 2019); the Canudos 1 wind farm in the state of Bahia (99 megawatts under construction); and also the huge Serra Branca wind and solar cluster in the state of Rio Grande do Norte (688 megawatts of wind as well as solar power plants in operation, plus 517 megawatts of solar capacity unfinished).

Voltalia is likewise a company for third-party clients in Brazil. Voltalia develops sites there available to third parties. At the same time, Voltalia offers construction as well as maintenance solutions for centers possessed by 3rd parties.

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