Bifacial exception from US Section 201 tariffs is rescinded

Nov 20, 2020 10:20 AM ET
  • The exemption for bifacial photovoltaic panels from Section 201 tariffs in the US has ultimately been reversed, implying bifacial panels imported right into the United States are currently subject to tariffs of 20%.
Bifacial exception from US Section 201 tariffs is rescinded
Image: Matt Wade/Flickr

Last month, prior to the US political election, President Donald Trump provided a presidential announcement that consisted of, amongst various other actions, a motion to reverse the exemption for bifacial panels within Section 201 profession tariffs.

However that bid was at first obstructed, with Judge Katzmann of the US Court of International Trade releasing a momentary restraining order that prevented the exemption from being rescinded while further activities were considered.

A judgment this morning heard that the short-term limiting order had actually now been lifted, with both parties-- the Solar Energy Industries Alliance and others working as the plaintiff, as well as the US government as accuseds-- are welcomed to look for additional option by submitting different activities.

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