Benefit for China solar projects as authorities approve their addition in subsidy catalogue

Nov 26, 2020 04:14 PM ET
  • China's Ministry of Finance has handed finished solar projects in the nation a major advantage by accepting all finished renewables generators to its aid catalogue.
Benefit for China solar projects as authorities approve their addition in subsidy catalogue
Image: United PV

In a statement released recently, the ministry suggested to examine its stockpile of renewables projects as well as incorporate them right into the brochure in sets. All compliant eco-friendly projects-- those regarded to have actually finished all needed filing procedure in or after 2006-- will certainly be registered.

All certified projects would certainly then by confirmed to qualify for aid, representing a significant boon to China's solar investment firm, especially those with projects connected to the grid after the end of July 2017, when aids came to be a lot more financially rewarding.

The last subsidy brochure will certainly after that be released by the country's grid driver in the following actions:

  • The eco-friendly generation firm is needed to send an aid application for preliminary evaluation by the grid driver;
  • The grid operator will certainly collect the project applications got and send them to the provincial power authorities for approval and also verification;
  • The National Renewable Information Management Center confirms the applied projects and also supplies feedback to the grid operator;
  • News and also launch of the subsidy brochure

A further paper released by the ministry, labelled 'Methods for Determining the Full-Capacity Grid Connection Time of Renewable Power Projects', specifies the feed-in tariff for full-capacity linked projects is to be established by neighborhood power regulators and also grid drivers.

For projects linked in sets, the tariff will be figured out independently based upon the actual connection time of each batch, rather than collectively granting the whole project a single price of subsidy, and also projects can just be contributed to the aid brochure when complete supporting documentation is sent.

Inadequate or wrong info will cause fines being imposed, increasing in scale with the extent of the information violation.

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