Belgian Business Establishes 'Globe's first Offshore H2 Storage Space Concept'

Dec 23, 2021 11:00 AM ET
  • Tractebel and also its companion business have actually established the globe's very first offshore infrastructure and also processing centers concept for the storage of hydrogen in offshore caves.
  • The layout research study seeks to provide an ingenious remedy for large-scale hydrogen storage space on the high seas: a scalable offshore platform for the compression and also storage of as much as 1.2 million m ³ of hydrogen.

Tractebel and its companion companies have developed the world's first offshore infrastructure as well as handling centers concept for the storage of hydrogen in offshore caves, said the Belgium-headquartered consultancy and also engineering providers.

The style research study, introduced by Tractebel Overdick GmbH's offshore experts, looks for to present an ingenious solution for large-scale hydrogen storage on the high seas: a scalable offshore platform for the compression as well as storage space of as much as 1.2 million m ³ of hydrogen.

Underground salt caverns will certainly be utilized as storage space and barrier for the hydrogen generated offshore, prior to the gas is transferred through the pipe network to the onshore grid and finally to customers and also customers, claimed the firm.

Meeting the hydrogen demands of the future

Green hydrogen from offshore wind power is becoming an important part of the international energy shift, yet existing hydrogen manufacturing innovations will only make an efficient payment if production rates get to a commercial range. Substantial amounts of hydrogen (H2) from eco-friendly sources will be required to supply future H2 energy demands as well as offshore websites are crucial to industrial-scale production.

Tractebel asserts to have originated an ingenious option to resolve this need in 2019, with the development of a special offshore hydrogen platform concept, complied with by an optimised, scalable variation the list below year. And currently, the company has actually created "the world's initial offshore framework and handling centers" concept for the storage space of hydrogen in offshore caves.

Facilities for hydrogen manufacturing on the high seas

This offshore platform complex includes a wellhead platform for the procedure of the caves and a series of compression platforms that make it possible for an organized increase in ability. If required, the plant can likewise be expanded in the future by added components. The research study assumes a capacity equivalent to converting 2 GW of green offshore wind power into hydrogen. Extensions and also individual adaptations are feasible at any moment.

Offshore compression and also storage space hubs such as these can even more enhance the flexibility of upcoming offshore hydrogen production. As the compression initiative lowers at the wind farms' electrolysis plants, so also shall the cost for offshore hydrogen production websites in general.

" Centralised offshore hydrogen hubs likewise assist in the combination of smaller-scale hydrogen manufacturing, which is to be expected within the extent of capacity growths while re-powering offshore wind farms in the future. At the same time, they supply an economically sensible choice, as the export and also compression of hydrogen created offshore can be bundled. This significantly reduces the total expenses for future projects," claims Klaas Oltmann, Director Business Development at Tractebel Overdick GmbH.

A powerful remedy with a sustainable side effect, claims Tractebel

The recently developed storage and also compressor platforms are claimed to refine 400,000 Nm3/h of hydrogen, which is saved in below ground salt caves at a pressure of up to 180 bar. These storage space facilities buffer production heights, optimise flow rates as well as a result enable an extra affordable design of the export pipeline, asserts the firm.

An important contribution to the sustainability of huge below ground hydrogen storage centers is that existing offshore facilities can directly use green hydrogen instead of other power sources for their procedures, included the firm.

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