Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd`s groundbreaking ventures in solar power plant construction

Jul 6, 2023 02:28 PM ET
Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd`s groundbreaking ventures in solar power plant construction

With the active participation of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd, the landscapes of many regions in Europe and Asia are changing, with the emergence of renewable energy facilities that are essential for the salvation of our planet.Green energy is not just about hydroelectric power plants hidden behind dams, but also visible wind and solar power stations along roads and fields, representing a modern ecological innovation in our lives. 

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd has independently constructed more than 90 MW of solar power stations and continues to participate in these projects and build new power stations in Europe and Asia. The increase in the volume of construction of solar power plants is aided by the decrease in the cost of solar panels and the increase in their power per square meter. Since the cost of solar panels usually accounts for more than half of the total cost of a power station, there is a significant change in the cost of building new power stations. At the same time, the performance and quality of inverters are also increasing every year. All these nuances attract an increasing number of investors every year.

The lack of solar electricity generation at night is understandable, but the daytime energy consumption of industrial consumers always exceeds the nighttime consumption. It is also important to remember the dependence of solar electricity generation on weather and seasons, the angle of the sun, and contamination from precipitation and dust on solar panels.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd has experience in energy audits of already built solar power stations and, based on its own experience of operation, is ready to provide technical solutions for the modernization of existing power stations to make them more efficient. It is possible to optimize both newly constructed power stations and those that have been operating for a long time with partially degraded solar panels. There are many methods and technical tricks, such as building sloping tracking systems or using new generations of inverters with higher performance or systems for balancing unevenly degraded solar panels. All these actions are carried out exclusively based on their own experience in the construction and operation of solar power stations.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd offers ice-cleaning systems for efficient winter operation at negative temperatures or special chemical compositions to reduce dust and sand adhesion in hot countries or summer operation of solar panels. Special attention should be paid to the equipment used, its reliability, and the term of its warranty service, as well as the power reserve parameters to ensure that the equipment operates in nominal mode without peak overloads. Only after verifying the performance and parameters of different equipment from various where technical and financial feasibility allows, solar power plants are complemented by hydroelectric storage facilities, which serve as a storage for some of the electricity generated during the day and can release the required electricity back at night for household or industrial end-users. It is also possible to use more expensive solutions based on high-capacity battery packs for temporary storage of some of the electricity generated during the day for subsequent use at night.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd specifically highlights new methods of joint use of existing facilities or parking lots for the placement of solar panels on their roofs or as an additional part of already existing solar panel racks separately located on land plots. All of this helps to increase the capacity of solar power generation and improve the profitability of such a project. 

Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd conducts thorough inspections and audits of existing solar power plants to optimize their operations and address any identified defects. Furthermore, the company develops customized projects for the construction of new solar power plants, catering to specific customer requirements. These projects have already been successfully implemented, and the solar power plants are operating as planned, proving their reliability in practical applications. Adopting a professional and comprehensive approach, encompassing the selection of power plant type and parameters, project design and construction, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance throughout the equipment's service life, is essential for successful implementation and operation.

In many regions, the sun shines much more consistently than the wind blows, making solar power plants an increasingly popular choice for companies as their optimal energy supply solution. The leaders in introducing new large-scale capacities in 2022 were China (106 GW), Germany (7.5 GW), Spain (8.1 GW), the Netherlands (3.9 GW), Poland (4.9 GW), and India (18.1 GW). The rapid growth of solar energy production compared to wind energy is a global trend, with solar power plant capacities quadrupling in the last 6 years, while wind power generation has not experienced the same level of growth. That is why Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd has focused its activities on solar energy and is ready to offer close cooperation in this field.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd also pays attention to the safety of solar panels and other equipment from animals and weather conditions, as well as from vandals and thieves, by equipping power plants with automated systems using intelligent cameras that can detect intruders and prevent illegal actions in remote and unattended areas. The use of these methods and devices helps solar power plant owners ensure the best preservation and performance of the equipment for many years and receive the planned profits from the electricity generated. 


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