Bechtel Completes 218-MW Solar Farm for Sabanci in Texas

May 23, 2024 09:48 AM ET
  • Bechtel Corp shines bright with completion of 218-MW Cutlass Solar II in Texas for Sabanci Climate Technologies, marking their US debut.

Bechtel Corp has completed the construction of the 218-MW solar farm, Cutlass Solar II, in Fort Bend, Texas for Turkish client Sabanci Climate Technologies. The project is now fully operational and sending power to the grid. This marks Sabanci's first venture in the US, with plans to begin construction on another solar farm, Oriana Solar, in Victoria County, Texas.

The Cutlass Solar II project covers 1,100 acres of land and consists of almost half a million panels. Suppliers for the project include JA Solar for the bifacial solar panels, Power Electronics for the inverters, and Array Technologies for the trackers. Bechtel also built the nearby Cutlass Solar 1 plant for the same client.

What suppliers were involved in the construction of Cutlass Solar II in Texas?

Suppliers involved in the construction of Cutlass Solar II in Texas:

  • JA Solar for the bifacial solar panels
  • Power Electronics for the inverters
  • Array Technologies for the trackers

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