Beaudens 166Wh Portable Power Station review

Aug 26, 2022 05:28 PM ET
Beaudens 166Wh Portable Power Station review

Solar energy is the most sustainable way to power indoor and outdoor activities. The maintenance cost is minimal, it is safe, and clean. Beaudens portable power station is a perfect choice in this sector. The station is tailored perfectly for durability, efficiency, and strength. 

Beaudens Portable Power Station 166WH Specification 

Battery type


Battery capacity 



2000 cycles, 10 years 


 W6.7*L3.2*H5.9 inches 


Power generator 


 13V-22V/2A Max Input 


Aluminum alloy



Input and output included 

1 QC 3 USB, 2 USB ports, 1 AC output port,

2 DC output port 

Panels included/What is in the product kit 

DC cigarette lighter port, user manual,

Solar converter, AC adapter, car charger


When buying a rechargeable generator, it is important to check the energy storage capacity. Beaudens get it exemplary well in this area. Its Lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 166Wh, reducing the need for constant recharging. The battery has a 2000 charging cycle and a lifespan of about 10 years. Beaudens power set is also extra-durable.

Its casing is made of a strong aluminium shell resistant to weather elements or any possible damage. The handle is lined with leather, making it easy to carry along. For the compatible devices, the Beaudens generator set supports several.

Devices Compatible With Beaudens 166Wh 

It is compatible with phones, tablets, computers, cameras, drones, and lighting. You can recharge multiple devices at once. For this purpose, the Beaudens generator set comes with several ports. It has a QC 3.0 quick charge USB and 2 USB ports (2.4A auto). The power station also features an AC output port of 150W and two DC output ports of 100W. For recharging the unit, you get multiple options with Beaudens portable power station.

You can recharge the unit using solar energy, car power output, or plug it into the wall. Roughly, the estimated recharging time is between 4 to 5 hours. The solar panel is not included in the package, but you will get a car charging cable. 


  • Low maintenance cost

  • Zero noise 

  • Light 

  • Compact  

  • Eco-friendly 

  • LED flashlight


  • Doesn’t power tools

  • Expensive

  • Slower charging of 4-5 hours 

The major advantage of Beaudens portable power station is its low maintenance cost. Unlike its gas-powered counterparts, you won’t have to replace fuel filters or spark plugs. What is more? The set does not contain acid or heavy lead components. 

The LED display screen is another important aspect that makes Beaudens portable power station great. With it, you can monitor the power levels and how long it can take to recharge. Beaudens portable power unit is perfect for most aspects of your work and play.

What Beaudens 166WH Solar Power Generator Is Perfect For

First, the power station can be used as an energy backup. We all know how it feels when a power outage interrupts your daily routine. While it can cause so much inconvenience, it can also damage your expensive appliances. Beaudens portable power station takes all that worry away.

Its safety features protect against overload, short-circuiting, or high voltage. The rechargeable power set is ideal for camping, outdoor photography, boat fishing, or hiking.  

Beaudens 166Wh Summary and Verdict

For a compact, portable, and eco-friendly portable power station, Beaudens does the trick. It is a flexible power unit that will keep you going off the grid. The multiple ways of recharging it: solar, wall power output or car charging is a plus. Beaudens portable power station also requires low maintenance and is highly efficient. So next time you need electricity backup, go for Beaudens portable power station.


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