Axpo & IWB Build the Largest Solar Plant in Swiss Alps

Jun 3, 2021 12:57 PM ET
  • In a statement released yesterday, it was disclosed that over the next four months, Axpo, Switzerland's biggest renewable energy manufacturer, as well as IWB, a Basel-based power carrier, will certainly develop the biggest Alpine solar plant in Switzerland at the Muttsee dam.

Following building approval from the local district of Glarus Süd, the initial parts were transferred to the dam yesterday. AlpinSolar will create 3.3 million kilowatt hours of electrical energy annually, half of which in winter. Supermarket chain Denner has actually ended a power acquisition contract for the power it produces over a period of two decades.

The neighborhood municipality of Glarus Süd provided the official building and construction approval for AlpinSolar recently. Construction job started officially with the transportation of the crane by means of helicopter to the Muttsee dam. Throughout construction, the crane will certainly be needed to install the photovoltaic panels and also the foundation on the Muttsee dam.

As the Muttsee dam can not be reached by road, the plant components will certainly be offered the dam by helicopter. Optimum trip times and flight hallways have actually been collaborated with the municipality to minimise the influence on the setting and also the local populace as much as possible. The CO ₂ impact developed by use of the helicopter will be balanced out within a few months of the plant's operation. Over the following four months, a total of 730 tonnes of product will certainly be provided to Tierfehd, presented there and afterwards transported to the dam by helicopter. The hiking trail that overlooks the Muttsee dam will be rerouted because of the construction job. Visits to the building website are not feasible for safety reasons.

Under ideal conditions, the solar plant on the Muttsee dam will feed 2.2 megawatts of electrical outcome into the grid and also is anticipated to create 3.3 million kilowatt hours of power each year-- half of which in wintertime. This will certainly make it the largest alpine plant in Switzerland. Launched by Axpo, the project will be executed in partnership with IWB, the energy vendor of Basel-Stadt. Through the project, Axpo and also IWB are making a crucial contribution to Switzerland's power improvement. Planeco, a subsidiary of IWB, has been commissioned to develop the solar plant. Merchant Denner has actually wrapped up a 20-year power acquisition agreement for the solar electrical power produced by the plant.

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