Austrian Borealis constructs 4.7-MWp solar array to power chemicals operations

Nov 25, 2022 03:32 PM ET
  • Austrian specialty chemicals maker Borealis AG is establishing a 4.7-MWp solar photovoltaic or pv (PV) system to power its production site in a town near the capital Vienna.
Austrian Borealis constructs 4.7-MWp solar array to power chemicals operations
Image: Borealis

The building of the new plant started in May 2022 on an industrial plot at the Borealis manufacturing site in Schwechat, the company claimed on Tuesday. The new array with a surface of around 75,000 square metres (89,699 sq yd) will be finished by the end of this year and also go on the internet soon thereafter.

It is expected to generate around 5.6 GWh every year which is approximately equal to the energy eaten by 1,400 Austrian families. The new solar park perseverance the Borealis manufacturing procedures at the site, cutting its annual co2 exhausts by almost 1,200 tonnes.

The Vienna-based chemicals maker is partnering with power company Verbund AG (VIE: VER) on the project.

This is the second joint solar project of both companies. In the spring, a 1-MWp photovoltaic array was mounted on the roof covering of the Borealis manufacturing site in Linz to lower its carbon impact.

"With an existing total amount of 3 solar PV projects and multiple wind power acquisition contracts throughout Europe, Borealis is materializing progression in the direction of understanding our goal of sourcing 100% of electrical energy utilized in our own production operations from renewable energy sources by 2030," claimed Borealis president Thomas Gangl.

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