Austria generates 90% of its power in May from renewables

Jun 28, 2022 03:36 PM ET
  • The share of power from sustainable resources in Austria rose to about 90% in May and temporarily got to 100% during among the weeks, causing a sharp decline in the demand for power imports.
Austria generates 90% of its power in May from renewables
Image: AEW Energie AG

Renewables covered regarding 3,980 GWh of the country's complete electrical energy consumption of 4,445 GWh in May thanks to the warmer weather as well as solid hydropower generation, Austrian Power Grid (APG) said on Friday.

The run-of-river nuclear power plant throughout the nation created 2,929 GWh during the month under review, up 34% from April.

According to APG's modern technology exec Gerhard Christiner, the greater share of renewables is a seasonal result typical for the springtime and also the summer.

Thanks to the durable hydropower generation, Austria required just 24 GWh of imported power in May compared to 477 GWh in April. This represents a 95% decline in regular monthly terms.

The data shows that the absence of bandwidth created bottlenecks as well as the redispach work had to be executed on 103 days in the very first 5 months of 2022 to guarantee power supply in the country. The redispatch gauges expense regarding EUR 27 million (USD 28.54 m) by the end of May.


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