Austria-based Enery preparing to build Bulgaria's biggest solar park

Feb 24, 2023 12:02 PM ET
  • In case there are no hold-ups, the building and construction of the Chirpan solar energy plant in Bulgaria can start this year. The 160 MW project is owned by Enery from Austria. It would currently be the biggest in the nation.
Austria-based Enery preparing to build Bulgaria's biggest solar park
Image: Samuel Faber from Pixabay

Enery, an Austrian firm regulated by Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund through Amber Infrastructure, currently operates one of both largest photovoltaic or pv facilities in Bulgaria. In 2020 it purchased a solar park on 100 hectares with a 60.4 MW peak and also 50 MW in connection power in Karadzhalovo near Plovdiv. The various other one, Pobeda, with a matching capacity, remains in Aytos near the Black Sea Coast.

Nikola Gazdov, who handles Enery's Chirpan project of 160 MW, informed Divident.EU that if the permitting procedure proceeds as planned, the installation can begin before the end of the year. He additionally estimated that the photovoltaic park would be constructed within one year.

Of note, Eurohold is rushing in the meantime to finish a solar power plant of 124 MW in peak capacity south of Sofia while creating the project for another 50 MW segment.

Gazdov approximated the investment at more than EUR 102 million, yet included that the specific sum and also the capacity would be understood when the paperwork is total. Chirpan is called after a close-by community in the Stara Zagora region.

In 2020, Enery secured a preliminary approval from the Municipality of Haskovo in southern Bulgaria for its 400 MW solar park project.

The firm runs solar, wind and also hydropower plants with 268 MW in total capacity in Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic and also Slovakia, the article adds. The company has 3 GW in its renewable resource project pipeline.

In November, Enery completed the acquisition of Jade Power Trust fund's 81 MW portfolio in Romania. It consists of two wind ranches in the Dobrogea area, two photovoltaic systems and two micro hydropower plants. With the deal, the Austrian firm enhanced its operating capacity in the country to 273 MW.

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