Australian Solar Developer's Modular Solar Tech to Power Lithium Mine Project

Feb 8, 2023 02:08 PM ET
  • The 5B Maverick technology is a ground mount solar remedy created to be safer, much more affordable as well as much faster to deploy for offgrid, business and commercial, as well as large-scale solar power generation.
  • 5B will be setting up solar PV for the 95 MW hybrid microgrid in the Kathleen Valley Lithium project.

Australia based solar energy technology developer 5B has stated that it will certainly be partnering Zenith Energy to create the Kathleen Valley Lithium project in Western Australia. The solar project will provide green energy to the biggest battery metals mines. The project will be powered by 5B Maverick technology- a ground mount solar solution made to be much safer, a lot more affordable and much faster to release for offgrid, industrial and also industrial, and also large-scale solar energy generation. 5B calls it far higher compared to traditional solitary axis solar trackers or equivalent solar racking services.

This is the largest order that 5B has actually landed till day for the PV component of a 95 MW hybrid microgrid in the project. Liontown Resources' Kathleen Valley Lithium project will be an amalgamation of 30 MW wind turbines, 16 MW solar, 19 MWh BESS as well as synchronous condensers.

5B likewise holds that it is among the key purposes to allow the mining as well as likewise hefty markets that are taken into consideration the greatest polluters, to decarbonize their operations effortlessly. Zenith and Liontown announced the growth of a microgrid last September. 5B has been chosen by the developer for solar PV setup owing to its Maverick technology

5B maverick technology.

In the new technological plan, each 5B Maverick array includes approximately 90 photovoltaic panels, mounted on specially created racks, and optimised for the workhorse 540-550W module class of the utility scale solar market.

5B Maverick is claimed to be completely built, plug and play solar farm in a box. 5B says that Maverick blocks are first pre-assembled as well as pre-wired in a factory. It is then jam-packed vertically to ensure that four blocks can be fitted into a typical 40 foot shipping container. The complete weight is kept under a maximum 6 tonne haul.

When this container reaches the solar construction site, the 5B Mavericks blocks can be unloaded and increased right into a ground-mount East-West solar array. This, 5B states, calls for minimal ground infiltration as well as no requirement for cable trenching or major ground work calling for fewer people are on-site.

Swift trip

The fast Maverick Technology of 5B will be used by Zenith for its solar profile of greater than 400 MW in Australia. The technology innovator has support from oil major BP, ex-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and also millionaire Simon Holmes.

5B has currently provided 60MW of solar setup. This includes a 10.6 MW solar project in the Atacama Desert of Chile. The business is currently called as the recommended supplier for Sun Cable solar farm that will certainly be of mammoth 20GW.

Hamish Moffat, MD & CEO, Zenith, claimed, "5B has demonstrated that it has the possible to obtain the Kathleen Valley site to full solar PV generation capacity three months ahead of traditional solitary accessibility tracker remedies with the prospective to save more than 60% of the man hrs called for on site. This is producing a faster pathway to market for solar PV renewable resource generation assets."

5B will certainly begin deployment of the Maverick array systems in coming June for the Kathleen Valley Lithium Project. The project will certainly be full as well as functional by mid-2024.

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