Australian photovoltaic integrated glass gets UL certification

Nov 29, 2019 06:11 PM ET
  • The advanced solar integrated window glass developed by ClearVue has been approved for the United States’ market, which provides the Australian manufacturer with vast global market prospects.
Australian photovoltaic integrated glass gets UL certification

The developer has created an advance technology, which lets visible light spectrum through the window, at the same time sending ultraviolet and infrared waves to solar cells built-in along the window edge. 

ClearVue’s solution is suitable for house windows. Electricity generation of such windows can reach 30W/m2. At the same time, they provide a light transmission comparable to that of normal windows. Though the amount of power produced is too little in comparison with dedicated photovoltaic panels, the innovation is expected to introduce green power to the earlier inapplicable areas. The manufacturer has already piloted the product by installing a few windows with integrated solar cells at a shopping mall in Western Australia.

ClearVue announces its PV insulating glass unit has been UL-certified. The certificate opens the U.S. and other international markets for the solar product developed by the Australian manufacturer. 

Although the new solar glass is rather unique, it has succeeded in obtaining a UL-certification. The solution is based on a combination of solar and glazing, which is an unprecedented technology never known by the testing authority before. Despite this, the UL has managed to create a detailed protocol able to test all the product’s aspects with regard to its efficiency and safety. The material has proven to comply with all the requirements. 

For the time being, ClearVue is in the process of obtaining another certification – IEC approval, with aspiration to supply its innovative solar integrated product to the European market.

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