Australia & Germany Collaborate for Solar Powered Methanol Project Off Australia's Port Augusta

Jan 30, 2023 09:36 AM ET
  • The company is chosen by the Australian and also German governments for A$ 19.48 million and EUR 13.2 million funds to advance green methanol manufacturing to power zero emission delivery as well as air travel sector.

The green methanol demonstration plant called 'SM1' will come up in Port Augusta, South Australia.

Australian cleantech company Vast Solar has exposed that the business along with the Solar Methanol Consortium have been picked to get A$ 19.48 million as well as EUR 13.2 million from a partnership between the Australian as well as German Governments for the advancement of a green methanol demo plant, SM1 in Port Augusta, South Australia.

Vast Solar asserts to be a leader in focused solar thermal power (CSP) and it presently leads the Solar Methanol Consortium.

Vast Solar stated that the German-Australian Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Incubator (HyGATE) is a financing round with up to A$ 50 million and also EUR 50 million offered to support real-world pilot, trial and presentation projects along the hydrogen supply chain. It plays a key role in sustaining the growth of the clean energy industry in Australia along with sustaining cross sector clean change.

Methanol is a hydrogen by-product which has the possible to decarbonise a number of hard-to-abate industries if produced utilizing clean energy. Vast Solar leads the Solar Methanol Consortium in Australia as Principal Energy Partner alongside Fichtner leading in Germany as well as is supported by fellow Australian technology company Calix as Principal CO2 Supply Partner and also the Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute (ASTRI).

Vast Solar stated that SM1 will certainly produce 7,500 tonnes per annum of green methanol and the Consortium has attracted the passion of neighborhood as well as global offtakers, including major shipping business as well as airlines.

Darren Miller, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), said, "We're thrilled to be able to introduce these 4 hydrogen projects that show the benefit of international cooperation to accomplish a new export market in sustainable hydrogen as well as push us additionally towards the goal of net zero emissions."

Craig Wood, CEO of Vast Solar, added, "SM1 has the prospective to provide the shipping and also air travel industries with zero-emission fuel."

Phil Hodgson, CEO and also Managing Director, Calix, notified, "Calix's Leilac technology, in collaboration with Adbri, will be used to make zero emissions lime for Adbri clients, using renewable electrical energy as well as reliable capture of inescapable CO2 emissions from limestone. At the same time, Calix as well as Adbri are thrilled to work with the Solar Methanol Consortium to enable the supply of caught CO2 emissions to make green methanol."

Calix Leilac technology enables the electrification of calcination as well as the efficient capture of inescapable procedure CO2 emissions.

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