Aurubis to broaden solar power capacity at its copper plant in Bulgaria

Apr 7, 2023 11:12 AM ET
  • Aurubis has hired ESCO Bulgaria to mount the 2nd and also 3rd solar power plants at its copper smelter and refinery in Pridop, east of Sofia. The incorporated capacity is 13 MW while a project is under development for one more unit, of 20 MW.
Aurubis to broaden solar power capacity at its copper plant in Bulgaria
Image: ESCO Bulgaria

Industrial manufacturers in Europe are quickly resorting to power from sustainable sources for the demands of their centers, and solar power is the most favorable on-site as well as near-site option. Changing makes firms much more competitive as it enables lower and extra steady costs than for fossil fuels as well as gets rid of expenses for greenhouse gas emissions.

Such projects, which additionally strengthen the safety of supply and also energy self-reliance, are emerging in Southeastern Europe as well, but they are primarily in their beginning. Hamburg-based Aurubis has pioneered the design in Bulgaria in the utility-scale section with a 10 MW solar power plant at a recultivated landfill beside its copper smelter and also refinery.

Pushing towards 20% renewables cooperate copper plant's consumption

When the business stated building and construction will start, nearly two years ago, it already had a plan to cover a minimum of 20% of its energy requires from renewable sources in the medium term. Now it selected ESCO Bulgaria for the style, delivery, installation, commissioning and upkeep of 2 photovoltaic units with a total optimal capacity of 13 MW.

Aurubis 2 is set to be built on a recovered landfill while the Aurubis 3 project is located within the facility in Pridop, eastern of the funding Sofia, in the Srednogorie location. With each other they are expected to create 17 GWh per year, equivalent to the consumption of 5,000 Bulgarian families. The two units are arranged to be finished by the end of next year.

ESCO Bulgaria selected again as professional

Aurubis 1 was developed by the very same firm, which utilized to be called CEZ ESCO. Its result is 11.7 GWh each year. The 3 solar systems ought to cover 6% of the center's annual electrical power usage.

Martin Katinov, the copper plant's energy project manager, informed that yet an additional solar energy project is under advancement. The fourth solar unit is planned at 20 MW, he said.

Furthermore, Aurubis Bulgaria is also preparing hydropower as well as wind power projects for own intake, Katinov disclosed. It is likewise developing an option for using waste heat from the copper plant. One more option is to sign lasting power acquisition contracts (PPAs) with other green energy producers, according to the supervisor.

The firm is making use of hydrogen in its furnace in Hamburg as well as the results are positive, he noted.

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