Atlas Renewable Energy's BESS Delivers Innovative Energy Solution

Mar 22, 2024 11:34 AM ET
  • Atlas Renewable Energy's groundbreaking 15-year agreement with Emoac in Chile marks a pivotal moment in the country's energy transition, addressing renewable energy curtailment and sustainability challenges.

Atlas Renewable Energy has signed a 15-year power purchase agreement with Chilean energy trader Emoac for a 200-MW standalone battery energy storage system (BESS) in Chile. The BESS del Desierto will have a storage capacity of 800 MWh and will inject around 280 GWh per year back into the grid. It will be located next to the Sol del Desierto solar farm but will operate independently to help address renewable energy curtailment issues in the grid.

Emoac's general manager, Vannia Toro, stated that the agreement aims to address the inappropriate disposal of non-conventional renewables and represents a significant solution to existing challenges within the energy system. This partnership marks a crucial step towards energy transition in Chile. In November 2023, Emoac also closed a 15-year PPA with Spain's Grenergy Renovables SA for electricity stored in the battery of its Oasis de Atacama solar-plus-storage facility.

How will the BESS del Desierto address renewable energy curtailment in Chile?

  • The BESS del Desierto will help address renewable energy curtailment in Chile by storing excess energy generated by the Sol del Desierto solar farm during peak production times.
  • By injecting around 280 GWh per year back into the grid, the BESS will help balance supply and demand, reducing the need to curtail renewable energy generation.
  • The 800 MWh storage capacity of the BESS will allow for more flexibility in managing the intermittent nature of solar energy, ensuring a more stable and reliable energy supply.
  • Emoac's partnership with Atlas Renewable Energy for the BESS del Desierto represents a significant step towards optimizing the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid and reducing waste in the energy system.
  • The BESS will operate independently from the solar farm, providing additional support to the grid and helping to improve overall grid reliability and stability.

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