Atlas powers up 244MW Chilean solar site

Mar 23, 2022 01:41 PM ET
  • Sol del Desierto is just one of the largest solar plants in the country
Atlas powers up 244MW Chilean solar site
Image: Atlas Renewable Energy

Atlas Renewable Energy has actually prompted stream a 244MW PV plant in Chile, for among the largest solar plants in the country.

Sol del Desierto (envisioned) lies in the commune of María Elena, Antofagasta Region.

With 582,930 photovoltaic panels topped 479 hectares, the plant will certainly generate 714GWh annually.

The solar project is a vital part of Chile's Ministry of Energy's decarbonisation plan, which looks for to retire and/or convert half of the coal-fired power plants by 2025.

The project, which has actually already started procedures, has a long-lasting solar PPA in between Atlas Renewable Energy as well as Engie Energía Chile, accepting supply 550GWh/year of solar photovoltaic or pv energy for a period of 15 years.

The plant's generation makes it possible for the supply of clean energy to 345,198 houses.

Sol del Desierto will stay clear of 368 thousand tons of carbon dioxide, which amounts taking more than 47 thousand vehicles out of circulation annually.

The solar park likewise stands out for its performance. It was created with bifacial modern technology, which allows energy to be obtained from the back as well as front faces of each of its solar modules.

A cutting-edge project at an international level

Atlas' general supervisor for Chile Alfredo Solar said: "At Atlas Renewable Energy we create our projects with a strong commitment to the environment, the environments, as well as to inclusion.

" That is why Sol del Desierto stands out not just for its contribution to clean energy but additionally for the treatment of the surrounding nature, the conservation of historical sites, and most importantly for having placed special concentrate on the addition of female workforce in its building."

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