ArcVera supplies IE solutions for 1.2 GW solar bargain

Mar 14, 2023 12:29 PM ET
  • Consultancy accomplished due diligence on Onward's procurement of Global Atlantic portfolio
ArcVera supplies IE solutions for 1.2 GW solar bargain
Image: Red Zeppelin UVGE/Unsplash

ArcVera Renewables is giving independent design (IE) services on behalf of Onward's 1200MW Global Atlantic solar portfolio acquisition.

ArcVera's director of solar & storage space, global, Kevin Lichtenstein claimed: "This was a massive, operating utility-scale solar portfolio needing technical due diligence of seller's IE records, layouts, devices, operations as well as maintenance, historical efficiency, service warranties, budget plans, financial models, offtake arrangements, and also other parameters."

ArcVera is rapidly expanding its tasks in the solar room via IE services to sustain purchases from development to functional centers.

David Simkins, ArcVera director of business growth, global said: "The solar services segment is quickly broadening at ArcVera and, with that, increasing market demand for reliable, independent design services.

" There is a solid requirement for qualified independent engineering groups who have the expertise to take care of the myriad information of technological due diligence required at deal-flow speed."

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