Arctech Solar Provides 575 MW SkySmart II Trackers in North China

Jul 29, 2021 02:41 PM ET
  • Arctech Solar has actually supplied its SkySmart II tracking system to a 575 MW solar project in the Nangong City of North China.
  • The tracker system is 65 meters long in size and also offers 200% wind resistance.

A leading tracking, racking, and also BIPV options provider, Arctech Solar has announced that it has supplied the SkySmart II tracking system to a 575 MW agriculture-sharing solar project found in Nangong City, Hebei Province, China.

This biggest 2P multi-point drive tracking system including the bifacial modules project, withstood multiple hits by high winds, and the system's high stability and also dependability have actually been recognized by local business owner and also EPCs.

As the project land is spread, it postures a large obstacle for the project format. However, the SkySmart II tracking system with a size of 65-meter is fairly much shorter than most of the 1P trackers, that makes it a suitable selection for the project. At the same time, under the obstacles of rising steel rates and short products, Arctech delivered trackers in simply 3 months, which makes it possible for the project to be completed in a timely manner.

Taking on the multi-point parallel drive technology, Arctech SkySmart II supplies a 200% rise in wind resistance than other 2P tracking systems as well as a 52% reduction in foundations than 1P tracking systems, as per the company's claims. Because, the SkySmart II is equipped with 4X1,500V-strings of solar components, which makes it compatible with all commercially readily available solar components consisting of the 182/210 huge components.

In addition, with the help of artificial intelligence, tracking control technique, cloud method based on real-time meteorological information, bifacial power generation approach, and also closed-loop comments technique, SkySmart II can adapt to different terrains, climate, and land conditions and enable approximately 7% of additional energy generation, according to the firm.

Speaking of their achievement, "Innovative technical development and also reliable product top quality are keys for Arctech SkySmart II to win the 575 MW solar project. In addition, with SkySmart II's successful application in the global project, we believe the tracker market will certainly witness unmatched prosperity in the upcoming decade with the popularity of both 1P and 2P trackers," said Guy Rong, President of Global Business at Arctech.

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