APsystems launching 4-module microinverter at RE+ 2022

Aug 22, 2022 11:15 AM ET
  • APsystems is introducing its new three-phase microinverter for C&I applications at this year's RE+ program.
APsystems launching 4-module microinverter at RE+ 2022
Image: solarpowerworldonline.com

The new QT2 links to approximately four PV modules, is rapid shutdown and also UL 1741 SA (CA Rule 21) compliant and also comes in 1,728 W (208 V) as well as 1,800 W (480 V) output versions, making the most of power production while providing all the benefits of modular-level power systems.

A new cooling topology provides the QT2 high-efficiency power conversion, while embedded 2.4-GHz ZigBee wireless communication provides high-speed information transfer of manufacturing information. Solar installers can now provide their C&I customers all the benefits of MLPE in an easy-to-install, plug-and-play, native three-phase microinverter package.

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