An additional floating solar park goes online in the Netherlands

Jun 10, 2020 08:02 PM ET
  • Dutch water supplier Evides Waterbedrijf has actually appointed a 1.6 MW drifting PV plant at one of its facilities near Rotterdam. It is now considering the building and construction of more floating solar plants on 3 other storage tanks, including a 350-hectare water surface area.
An additional floating solar park goes online in the Netherlands
Image: Evides Waterbedrijf

Dutch water provider Evides Waterbedrijf has finished the building of a 1.62 MW drifting solar energy plant at a storage tank in Kralingen, near Rotterdam.

The plant is expected to cover around 15% of the power need of the business's adjacent center, with estimated annual power generation of 1.7 million kWh.

Evides Waterbedrijf said that it will certainly start evaluating the influence of the 4,787 PV modules utilized in the plant at some point next year. The evaluation will certainly focus on algae development, the spread of microorganisms from bird droppings, decreased UV radiation on the water, and the influence of the wind.

"It is necessary that the water quality in the tank remains great," the firm claimed.

It included that it may develop much more drifting solar plants on its various other 3 storage tanks, including the 350-hectare Biesbosch storage tank. The company estimates that 100% of its power demand could be met by solar panels deployed on 30% of the water surfaces it handles.

Evides Waterbedrijf belonged to the Zon op Water consortium, a campaign under Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch water-management firm. The Dutch Foundation for Applied Water Research (STOWA) is likewise part of the group, which is supervised by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure as well as the Environment as well as the Solar Energy Application Community (SEAC).

The Netherlands uses enormous potential for floating PV, as it has around 52,000 hectares of superficial inland water surfaces to use.

Rijkswaterstaat, which is part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and also the Environment, xid in March 2017 that it intended to make water surface areas and also land under its control available for the setup of renewable resource plants.

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