Ampyr Powers UK Solar PPA with Multiplex

Nov 10, 2023 01:53 PM ET
  • Ampyr Solar Europe and Multiplex have partnered to bring a 9,000 MWh solar farm to Northwold in Norfolk, England. By 2024, the solar plant will generate clean, renewable energy for Multiplex, meeting their sustainability goals and commitments for reducing emissions.
Ampyr Powers UK Solar PPA with Multiplex

Ampyr Solar Europe and Multiplex have announced a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a solar project in Northwold in Norfolk, England. This solar plant is expected to be fully operational by 2024 and produce over 9000 megawatt hours of energy annually. Ampyr Solar Europe will build and operate the solar farm, while Multiplex will procure renewable energy from the site. This PPA allows Multiplex to achieve its sustainability goals, meeting its commitments to reduce emission and ensure more renewable energy production in the UK.

What Sustainability Goals Will Multiplex Achieve With PPA?

  • By 2024, Multiplex will be able to avoid over 3600 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually from the Northwold site alone.
  • The PPA also forms a part of Multiplex’s commitment to procure more than 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2025.
  • In the long term, this PPA could help Multiplex reach their goal of becoming a net-zero emissions business by 2050.
  • Multiplex has also committed to research on potential storage projects to further its sustainability goals.
  • This PPA provides an opportunity for Multiplex to learn more about the benefits and challenges of operating a large-scale solar plant in the UK.
  • Multiplex hopes that this PPA will lead to more investments in renewable energy in the UK, helping it become a greener and more sustainable economy.

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