Ampt files lawsuit against SolarEdge alleging patent infringement on power systems innovation

Aug 1, 2022 07:35 PM ET
  • Power optimiser service provider Ampt has filed 2 lawsuits against SolarEdge in the United States alleging patent infringement on power optimiser modern technology.
Ampt files lawsuit against SolarEdge alleging patent infringement on power systems innovation
Image: Ampt

Ampt has actually filed a grievance with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) against SolarEdge requesting a ban on imports of SolarEdge's power systems as well as components that infringe Ampt's patents.

At the same time, Ampt has filed a comparable patent infringement action against SolarEdge in the US district court in Delaware that looks for a searching for of patent infringement, "considerable" monetary damages and also an order.

The patents define means of converting electrical power from a solar power resource to make it readily available for use in a variety of applications, according to Ampt, which claimed the infringing products are being manufactured in Israel, China, Vietnam and Hungary.

Ampt claims SolarEdge's solar energy systems illegally utilizes Ampt's optimiser modern technology and also infringes several claims from eight of Ampt's US patents.

Levent Gun, CEO at Ampt, stated: "We look forward to showing to the ITC and also the District Court that SolarEdge is breaking our intellectual property which the Commission must ban the import of the infringing SolarEdge items."

In Ampt's grievance to the ITC, the Colorado-based company has actually requested for an exclusion order banning imports to the United States of SolarEdge's product infringing Ampt's patents as well as a ban on the sale of items currently imported in the United States.

Among the products asserted by Ampt to infringe the patents are SolarEdge's power optimisers for solar panels, inverters for power systems and also solar energy systems making use of both.

In response to the information, SolarEdge informed PV Tech that "SolarEdge and Ampt have actually been prosecuting a disagreement entailing a patent family filed by SolarEdge as well as a patent family filed by Ampt before the USA Patent and also Hallmark Office (USPTO) for years."

" Lately, the USPTO granted priority of innovation to SolarEdge, cancelled the claims of Ampt's patents, and also granted the patent asserts in these Ampt patents to SolarEdge. While SolarEdge has not yet been offered, it shows up that having shed before the USPTO, Ampt is now shopping around its claims to various other courts. SolarEdge anticipates a vigorous defense of these new cases."

In the ITC activity, Ampt claims SolarEdge has actually infringed on the following US patents: Nos. 9,673,630 and 11,289,917. While in the Delaware district court, Ampt claims SolarEdge has actually infringed on the previously mentioned patents along with United States patents Nos. 7,605,498, 7,719,140, 10,608,437, 10,886,746, 11,070,062 and also 11,070,063.

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