AMEA Power to broaden solar park in Togo to 70 MW, add battery

Nov 24, 2022 12:05 PM ET
  • Dubai-based renewables company AMEA Power LLC will certainly expand a solar park in operation in Togo, including 20 MW of additional capacity as well as a 4-MWh battery storage space system to ensure power supply at night.
AMEA Power to broaden solar park in Togo to 70 MW, add battery
Image: AMEA Power

After the development, the Mohammed Bin Zayed solar plant in the town of Blitta in central Togo will have a complete capacity of 70 MW and will be West Africa's largest solar park, according to AMEA Power. When finished, the center will provide clean power to more than 222,000 families.

AMEA Power's subsidiary AMEA Technical Services will certainly be in charge of the release of the additional capacity as well as the battery.

The project will be funded with USD 25 million (EUR 24.33 m) which the Abu Dhabi Exports Office will certainly offer to the Togolese Ministry of Economy and also Finance in the form of a loan.

The initial 2 phases of the solar farm, amounting to 50 MW, browsed the web in June 2021 as well as have actually been feeding electrical energy into the grid ever since. The off-taker is Compagnie Energie Electrique du Togo (CEET). AMEA Power kept in mind that the project was implemented within less than 18 months throughout the pandemic.

The project becomes part of Togo's National Development Plan which is focused on expanding power gain access to in the West African country where currently almost half of the population does not have access to power.

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