Amazon Announces New Renewable Projects of 3.5 GW Across the Globe

Apr 22, 2022 11:24 AM ET
  • The new wind, solar as well as storage projects will certainly discover North America, EMEA, Asia, and Australia.
  • Today renewable resource portfolio of Amazon currently stands at 15.7 GW from 310 renewable energy projects.

Worldwide ecom titan Amazon has announced it is purchasing 37 brand-new renewable energy projects across the globe adding up to 3.5 GW. The brand-new projects will certainly consist of 26 solar power projects, 3 wind power farms as well as 8 rooftop solar projects at Amazon structures around the globe. Amazon remains to be the biggest renewable energy buyer in the world.

Andy Jassy, Chief Executive Officer of Amazon, claimed. "Our commitment to protecting the planet and also limiting Amazon's impact on the setting has actually led us to come to be the biggest business customer of renewable resource worldwide in both 2020 as well as 2021. Given the growth of our company, and our goal to run 100 percent of Amazon's operations on renewable energy, we aren't reducing our renewable investments down."

He added, "We currently have 310 wind and also solar projects across 19 countries, and are working hard to reach our goal of powering 100 percent of our organization on renewable energy by 2025-- five years ahead of our original target of 2030."

Amazon has likewise declared that with the fresh news of the investments, the present overall renewable resource portfolio of Amazon now stands at 15.7 GW from 310 renewable resource projects. Now it has a total of 134 wind and also solar projects and also 176 roof solar installments.

Amazon likewise held that it's investing in battery storage also. The upcoming 300 MW solar power project in Arizona, U.S.A., will be paired with a 150 MW battery storage by Amazon. Similarly, the 150 MW solar project in California will likewise harbor 75 MW battery storage. With this, Amazon will take the combined 'solar plus storage space' capacity from 220MW to 445MW.

Distribution of Projects

Amazon will now be constructing 23 brand-new renewable power projects in the United States alone where it will certainly currently have a total capacity of 10.4 GW. The Texas based 500 MW solar power project will certainly be the biggest RE project of Amazon.

In a similar way Spain will certainly have 314 MW of extra renewable resource capacity with 3 solar farms and two wind farms. France will certainly witness the renewable energy project that brings the capacity of Amazon in the country to 38MW. 8 new rooftop solar projects will come up in the UAE of 2.7 MW and also in Australia, Canada, India, and Japan of over 5MW.

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