Algeria's very first mounting system supplier

Jun 25, 2020 11:57 AM ET
  • SPS, an Algerian steel sandwich panel manufacturer, has actually authorized a partnership deal with Dubai-based installing system service provider Qi-energy to begin production of placing frameworks for PV systems in Algeria.
Algeria's very first mounting system supplier
Image: Klas_lu, pixabay

SPS, an Algerian metal sandwich panel maker, has decided to join Dubai-based installing system carrier Qi-energy to make installing structures for PV systems in Algeria.

The campaign complies with the Algerian government's lately announced strategy to tender 4 GW of large PV up to 2024 under a plan that will consist of strong domestic content needs for solar panels, cables as well as placing systems.

Both companies said the installing systems they will manufacture will adhere to global top quality and bankability standards, as requested by the neighborhood material strategy carried out by the government. Prices for placing systems may represent as high as 12% of an overall job balance-of-system (BOS) expenses, both firms stated.

"Our collaboration with Qi-energy is the answer to Algeria method to execute local content, as well as at SPS we have chosen to elevate bench by introducing to the Algerian market very high quality solutions for ground placed, residential as well as soon for Solar PV for Seawater desalination plants that calls for new material," stated SPS CEO Mehdi Bendimerad.

Qi-energy CEO Neil Doe claimed the company's look for a companion in Africa took time. "We always search for partners in foreign markets that share our interest for growth, we put a high worth on credibility and also appreciate business's that is versatile in these transforming times," added Doe.

SPS can presently generate 300 MW of mounting structures annually. It means to increase this capacity to 450 MW in 2021, while likewise moving forward with the automation of manufacturing. Raw materials will certainly be supplied by vendors located in Algeria, Europa as well as the United Arab Emirates.

A paper recently released by the Algerian Electricity and Gas Regulation Commission anticipated that the residential module industry had actually reached 500 MW of annual production capability by the first quarter of this year.