Aleo Solar introduces a new solar module to the market

Nov 28, 2019 02:50 PM ET
  • Aleo’s new product will become commercially available in January 2020. Within the framework of the recent trend, the Germany-based photovoltaics maker is tending to increase the cell size. The advanced PV device is said to provide up to 333 watts of power production.
Aleo Solar introduces a new solar module to the market
Image: Aleo Solar

The novel device will boast a 3-4 percent higher efficiency compared to the previous model. The product warranty will guarantee 85 percent of the initial efficiency in 25 years. The module is announced to enter the market at the beginning of the next year. 

Aleo support the solar industry tendency to increase the size of solar cells and wafers. The previously applied cells were 156.75-millimeter. The cell size in the latest model is 158.75 millimeters. The total module dimensions are also larger than the earlier versions – 1,716 mm × 1,023 mm (compared to 1,660 mm x 990 mm). 

The company has a manufacturing facility with a 280-megawatt production capacity to the northeast from Berlin. Aleo is a branch company of major Taiwanese wafer manufacturer SAS. The company’s large-sized cells are a reflection of the Asian manufacturers’ tendency. A 158.75-millimeter cell is the maximum size suitable for processing on module assembly lines. The larger versions would require tool replacement or modification. 

Aleo’s latest offering will be available in 48-cell and 60-cell options. The smaller version will be rated up to 265 watts. The power rating for the larger module ranges from 325 watts to 333 watts. The 42-millimeter frame is claimed to provide superb mechanical stability, and secure the cells from stress or torsion. This makes the device resistant to huge ice and snow load.

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