Akuo activates 50MW West Africa PV

Nov 20, 2020 03:50 PM ET
  • Kita will develop jobs for as much as 200 women in Mali in the long term
Akuo activates 50MW West Africa PV
Image: Akuo

Akuo has actually placed West Africa's largest solar plant, the 50MW Kita facility, right into service.

Kita, situated 180km west of Bamako in the Kayes Region in Mali, covers the power needs of 120,000 Malian residences.

The Kita solar plant is currently being run by a specifically Malian team and is additionally anticipated to develop up to 200 long-term jobs for females in the city, said Akuo.

The project strengthens the commitment of Mali, a notary of the Kyoto Protocol in 1995, to fighting climate change and also enables it to relocate more detailed to its 2030 national renewable energy targets, Akuo claimed.

Kita likewise has a five hectare story growing plants for those who live near the plant.

Training in strategies to enhance natural farming is being supplied by the Akuo Foundation group.

The plant's funding was undertaken with a consortium including the West African Development Bank, Banque Nationale du Developpement Agricole as well as Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund.

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