Air Liquide and Engie cooperate to produce green hydrogen

Nov 19, 2019 07:59 PM ET
  • France-based utilities have signed an agreement for joint deployment of the green hydrogen project, forecasted to generate 1.3 TWh of solar electricity per year as well as 10,440 t of renewable hydrogen by 2027.
Air Liquide and Engie cooperate to produce green hydrogen
Image: Siemens

Two major French energy and gas companies will collaborate to deploy the so-called ‘HyGreen Provence’ project. 

The venture’s target is to obtain H from clean energy sources and to store it in local salt rooms. 

The system will be producing 1,300 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year and powering hydrogen hydrolysis in industrial volumes.

According to Engie, green H is crucial for providing zero carbon projects to industrial customers and regions.

Engie’s role in the project is supplying knowledge and experience of green energy generation, storage and distribution, while its partner is going to provide its electrolysis and low-carbon technologies. 

Project scheduling

The plant is scheduled to yield first fruit in about two years, with the project completion predicted for 2027.

In 2021, about 120 megawatts of solar capacity is expected to be deployed. At this time, the facility will produce 170 gigawatt-hours of electricity. One tenth of the latter will be utilized for obtaining of nearly 280 t of H. By the final stage, the installation capacity will reach 900 megawatts. 50 per cent of the electricity produced will be used to electrolyze 10,440 t of hydrogen. 

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