Africa's Biggest Floating Solar of 250 MW In Ghana Starts First Section

Dec 16, 2020 06:41 PM ET
  • A 5 MW section has actually been connected to the grid at a floating solar plant on the tank of the Bui hydroelectric dam in Ghana. With this, the plant makes a tiny action in the direction of its eventual objective for a 250 MW plant

Linked to the transmission system of the 404 MW Bui hydropower dam, the Bui Power Authority (BPA) which operates the dam, is likewise setting up the floating solar plant. When done, the plant could possibly be the largest floating solar plant in Africa. More significantly, in a continent where mini-grids have actually been the best solution for solar-powered energy services, the plant might additionally be one of the significant utility-scale success stories. Building is being performed in parcels of 50 MW each.

Situated on the Black Volta River, the storage tank authority really hopes that the floating solar plant can supplement power supplies particularly well in the summer season or throughout periods of drought. Ghana is targeting a 10 percent payment from renewables in its power mix by 2030.

The target is for 2.5 GW of renewable energy generation capability-- consisting of hydroelectric at this stage-- by 2030.

As one of the much more prosperous countries in Africa, Ghana has been getting along with its strategies, with several mini-grids and solar-powered desalination plants doing well there. Unlike the remainder of Africa, where practically 50 percent of the population still lacks direct access to electrical energy, Ghana has nearly 85 percent of its populace covered.

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