AEG safeguards Haurup hydrogen power contract

Jun 2, 2021 12:01 PM ET
  • Project was applied to enhance regional wind power manufacturing
AEG safeguards Haurup hydrogen power contract
IImage: AEG Power Solutions

H-TEC SYSTEMS has actually chosen AEG Power Solutions power bundle remedy for the hydrogen production plant constructed at Haurup in Schleswig-Holstein by the renewable energy company Energie des Nordens (EdN).

The project was carried out to enhance neighborhood wind power production.

A lot of excess wind power is created at this grid node.

By carrying out the electrolyser, every kilowatt produced can be made use of rather than turning off the wind turbines.

The recently created system with a small outcome of 1MW is to feed as much as 3MKWh from excess wind power as hydrogen annually right into the gas network.

The plant contributes to the supply of around 20,000 proWindgas customers of Greenpeace Energy, main investor of EdN.

It is additionally sustaining the stabilization of the grid.

The sustainable gas can be stored in the existing gas network as well as transformed back into electrical power in flexible gas-fired nuclear power plant anywhere in Germany, if needed.

H-TEC SYSTEMS is furnishing the plant with an ME 450/1400 PEM electrolyser.

The company is a modern technology leader in the production of PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysers for the production of eco-friendly hydrogen.

The business provides the sophisticated electrolysers of the project as a complete option integrated into containers.

These compact services can be implemented anywhere-- directly at wind and also solar parks, at loading stations, or in industrial plants.

To provide power to its modular and also flexibly deployable electrolysers H-TEC SYSTEMS selected Thyrobox DC 3 systems additionally for their flexibility and also high performance.

The Thyrobox DC 3 was created to give great power factor and also reduced harmonics also at component loads, which contribute to energy effectiveness as well as minimal distortions to the grid feeder, and finally minimize the general expense of procedures of such procedures as electrolysis.

AEG Power Solutions head of grid and storage space business Andreas Becker stated: "H-TEC SYSTEMS containerized electrolysis procedure is very ingenious and expense effective.

" Our principle of flexible power supply modules matches very closely this method as well as we are really happy to be part of the project at Haurup which is a great instance of how to optimize wind power generation via environment-friendly hydrogen manufacturing."