Adding smart storage can improve solar project revenues by 50%, Stem claims

Jun 24, 2020 04:11 PM ET
  • Adding power storage can improve solar PV project incomes by as long as 50% in the US state of Massachusetts, US programmer Stem Inc has actually declared.
Adding smart storage can improve solar project revenues by 50%, Stem claims
Image: Stem

The storage supplier made the case while announcing the completion of a front-of-meter solar project that boasts 8MWh of storage. That project, situated near Springfield, MA, is one of four AC-coupled front-of-meter projects Stem is servicing alongside Syncarpha.

It incorporates simply under 5MW of solar with the storage capacity and also marks Stem's debut as an independent power producer (IPP).

Energy storage deployment in Massachusetts has been driven by a variety of helpful policies. The state has a target in position to deploy 200MWh of storage by the end of this year and also 1,000 MWh by 2025.

In a current meeting with sister publication Energy-Storage. news, Jason Burwen, plan supervisor of the nationwide Energy Storage Association told this site that the state's leaders, consisting of Governor Charlie Baker, have actually selected to seek that target "not through a single energy storage plan" however "with distributing power storage right into several programmes and also feeding it through those" in an interview on state-level targets for storage released today.

Stem Inc representatives claimed the Blandford project time-shifts solar-generated power to assist the neighborhood grid fulfill that Clean Peak Standard. Likewise important to Massachusetts dispersed power resources is the schedule of involvement in the local ISO New England transmission system operator's wholesale markets.

The front-of-meter system can deliver power, capacity and supplementary solutions on a market basis by doing this. Behind-the-meter projects in the state can likewise earn extra profits through enrolment in demand feedback programmes as well as handling their very own need fees, while battery storage also offers some scope to do energy arbitrage.