Acciona and Zimmer Biomet sign 12-year Spanish solar PPA

Feb 16, 2023 11:21 AM ET
  • Acciona has signed a 12-year PPA with Zimmer Biomet to supply it with renewable electricity in Spain, supported by the 42MWp Cristo Bailones solar plant.
Acciona and Zimmer Biomet sign 12-year Spanish solar PPA
Image: Acciona

What happened?

Spanish renewable energy firm, Acciona Energía, has signed a 12-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with medical technology company, Zimmer Biomet, to supply the firm with 100% renewable electricity in Spain. The energy will be supplied by the 42MWp Cristo Bailones solar plant, which is currently under development in the province of Ciudad Real. The plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2024, when the supply will begin. Through the PPA, Zimmer Biomet aims to achieve a more sustainable energy model and advance its decarbonisation goals.

Why does it matter?

The 12-year PPA between Acciona and Zimmer Biomet is part of the Spanish company's strategy to increase its volume of supply contracts and PPAs for corporate customers. Acciona's commercial director, Javier Montes, said that by signing long-term contracts, the company is committed to decarbonisation and providing competitive renewable energy, helping customers reduce energy costs. With the addition of the Cristo Bailones solar plant, Acciona is expected to play a key role in advancing Spain's renewable energy sector. The deal also aligns with Zimmer Biomet's goals of reducing its environmental impact and achieving a more sustainable energy model.

What's next?

Acciona's development of the Cristo Bailones photovoltaic plant is being carried out in the same area as another wind farm. The project is expected to provide several advantages, including better use of space and electrical infrastructure, and a reduced environmental impact. With the increasing demand for renewable energy, Acciona aims to expand its portfolio of new supply contracts and PPAs for corporate customers in the medium and long term. By doing so, the company is expected to contribute to the decarbonisation of Spain's energy sector.



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